notes for tiny orgs: when your “web person” goes away

It seems like I’ve had quite a few experiences with small organizations who have lost their “web person.” (I fear that I also may have been that person once or twice. 🙁 ) Herewith, then, some thoughts on what kind of info you need when that happens, in order to get the new “web person” up to speed.

Who is your web host? This is the company with the computer(s) that hold the files that are your website.

Who is your domain registrar? Your site name has to be renewed annually. This company may or may not be the same as the host. (These days it’s likely to be the same, but not always.)

Who is the account holder at these companies? (I’ve yet to have an experience where there wasn’t someone still around who was a person of record. I gather that’s a PITA.)

What are the usernames & passwords? There are likely to be at least two or three, depending.

  • The web host will have a “control panel,” which is a web-based interface for managing a bunch of stuff about the site, with at least one associated username and password.
  • There will also be an FTP password — this is used when uploading files to the site. This username/password may be the same as the control panel, but not necessarily.
  • Other usernames may exist for one or more email accounts, or for a Content Management System (CMS), which is used to update the website without having to upload files.

What else is there? I can’t think of anything else right at the moment; other folks who have worked with small orgs: what other issues come up in bringing in a new “web person”?