Twitter Digest for 2010-05-21

  • @rshevlin I dunno…I think in a HH that's all cell, more than 1 person usually has a cell line. (we've been just cell for a while now.) in reply to rshevlin #
  • I can haz spring back plz? #
  • @einmaleins I know! coming back from lunch we could just see it coming up behind us. then: boom. curtain of rain. in reply to einmaleins #
  • @russ668 who's the speaker? (am totally jealous, btw.) in reply to russ668 #
  • @einmaleins catchy, alas. I actually do ok with journalistic, but creative…. 80% of my poetry is "untitled" as is my nanowrimo novel! in reply to einmaleins #
  • @einmaleins trying to come up with a subject line for an email newsletter. I suck at titles, headlines, etc. #
  • @poptopvw ages ago a friend w/dental anxiety introduced me to her dentist, who had tv in the ceiling. a truly brilliant innovation. in reply to poptopvw #
  • watching daily show on tv-in-ceiling at the dentist is kinda awesome. a bit awkward, but still awesome. #

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