How many countries have you traveled to?

Not counting the one I live in 🙂 I've been to three countries. In 1989 I went to Germany & Austria with a local youth orchestra, which was an amazing experience. In 1999 or thereabouts I went to Whistler, BC for a United Way conference, carpooling with several of my co-workers. I wish we'd been able to stop in Vancouver; it looked really interesting.

Bonus answer: I've been to these states:
* California, Oregon & Washington, obvs.
* Arizona, several times visiting grandparents
* New Mexico, on one of those visits, just for a one-day trip when Grandpa was filling in for another minister.
* Texas for SXSW.
* Massachusetts for training when I worked at United Way.
* Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota & Wisconsin when we drove out to the Madeline Islands to stay with a friend's family. (In July/August in a car with no air conditioning. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.)
* As an infant, I was taken on a vacation that included a visit to the Four Corners, so also Colorado & Utah, although I generally don't count that.