Considering your biking experience, if you had to buy a new bike what would it be and what accessories would you have on it.

My first impulse is to think about upgrading the bike part of my Xtracycle – something with a step-through frame and more upright handlebar position.

But an entirely new bike?

I’d like to get a basic mountain bike at some point so I could try out trail riding. I test-rode a Giant Rainier, which I really liked, but all they had at the time was a small, which was way dinky. 🙁

I’m also partial to bikes in the dutch/cruiser/upright style, generally speaking, although it’s tricky sometimes finding ones that have enough gears for the Oly hills. There’s nothing specific I have in mind at the moment, though.

Accessories, on the other hand, I have more opinions about….

Fenders, always. I’ve had Planet Bike fenders on two of my bikes, and they’re pretty decent, although stylish wood or metal fenders would be fun.

Lights, too, of course. I’d love to get something like the B&M Ixon. ( And the Radbot tail lights look pretty cool:

Rack & panniers; if I were getting a non-longbike, I’d want a couple of different kinds of panniers, both water-proof and open, a bit like the combo that I was rolling with on the Smoke & the Townie. EcoVelo has highlighted some that look quite lovely and functional. I’m also a big fan of the rack trunk for a minimal travel kit, and a front rack or basket would be spiffy.

I’d love to upgrade my cyclometer, ideally to something super-high-tech (Garmin?) or even use an Android phone as a cyclometer.

I adore my bell-brand bell, but if I were to replace it I’d go with something very similar, maybe even a classy brass bell. There’s nothing like that cheery ring!

A rear-view mirror, definitely; the el-cheapo (fred meyers for less than $10!) one I have now is ok enough that I haven’t done a lot of research into anything else. I tried a glasses-mounted mirror and HATED it, and I have a hunch helmet-mounted would be the same.

I like the ergonomic style of grips, with a bit of a spot to rest the heel of my hands. The cork grips on the Ute were nice as well.

Oddly enough, I don’t have a strong opinion about saddles. The one I have now is women-specific, it’s not super, but it’s good enough. I’ve always wanted to try a Brooks saddle, though. 🙂

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff! And I haven’t even gotten into clothing, gloves, helmets, etc. At the minimum, I’d say fenders, rack, bucket panniers, basic lights, non-stock saddle.

Oh, and a bottle cage. They’re hard to find, which I find weird, but I like the softer plastic versions, because they don’t scratch metal cups/bottles.