Random nerd silliness

I’ve been struggling with some mobile stylesheets stuff, and I was trying to explain it to C. I ended up digressing into the concept of browser sniffing1, and I noted that it can be a tricky business, partially because of some nasty maneuvering in the last browser wars2.

In particular, I mentioned as an example, Opera can pretend to be whatever it wants. He chuckled, then said: “A little girl with crayons & a semaphore?”

I could hardly stop giggling. It’s totally dumb, but I love the image. He said he was thinking Edward Gorey, but I can totally see CSSquirrel. 🙂

[1] BTW, it drives me INSANE that I’m being forced back into browser-sniffing vs targeting features.

[2] C & I have been together so long that he remembers me fighting with CSS in Netscape 4 and IE 4.