Olympia Tech Tuesdays

UPDATE: info about Tech Tuesdays is now on its own website, techtuesday.myolympia.org

The last couple of years, I’ve been peripherally involved in some attempts to get together a web developer community in Olympia: went to some meetups before those petered out, offered to help with Refresh Olympia, which didn’t ever really get off the ground.

Well, after C bugging me for a long freaking time, and then a fortuitous conversation this week, I decided to just start something. There’s lots of smarts in this town, but not as much sharing and community as there could be!

It seemed to me that the biggest problem with the previous attempts was that there wasn’t a set date; events just happened “whenever.” And as people get busy or distracted, “whenever” turns into “never.” By contrast, my volunteer gigs with the ENA and the Friends of the Library have set dates, which at least forces everybody to throw something together every month/quarter. Same deal with the writers’ group I used to be in: we met on the same day at the same place every week: builds up the habit. Besides that, you know going in that not everybody is ever going to make every session, so you don’t worry quite so much about setting a time that meets everybody’s schedule.

So: “Tech Tuesday” is nice and alliterative, and open enough of a name to allow for it not necessarily to always be about/for web professionals, but obvious enough of a name that people know WTF you’re talking about. (Vs Refresh [City Name], IMHO.)

As a starting point, I decided to put together a little survey. If you’re in Olympia (or environs), please take it, and pass the word!