iPhone web dev class, wk4

Creative Techs is looking for a studio or freelance designer in Seattle to spiff up their page. (Sounds like what they really need is a UX person.)

I’ve been fiddling around with the homework from 2 weeks ago, plus some of the tidbits I got from the beginning of last week. (can’t remember how first-child works!!!!)

Interactive Scripts… (oh, and apparently this is actually week 3: the first week doesn’t count, I guess.)

More audio weirdness. Today, it’s not losing audio, but adding lovely piano tunes, very much like the music at Nordstrom’s. 🙂 Whoa, got kicked off. 🙁

Not thrilled with this background image/absolute positioning concept for the photo album. And all the animation comes with browser-specific CSS extensions. I’m finding this really baffling, honestly…why not all the animation in JS? wacky effects on loading the page. I can really see why you’d want to use a library!

touch events are analogous to the usual JS events. (srsly, could they have gotten a finger with nicer nails?!) so build a listener same as if it were onClick, etc. but the touch events are specific to the iPhone. (is it patented?)

whew, that’s too much JS to type along, unfortunately. but she’s got some good interactivity built into the exercise. I wonder if using those super-abbreviated variables is making people more confused. it’s odd, she’s assuming a lot more JS expertise than CSS expertise out of the box. unless there’s stuff I missed last week, which is possible.

and then even MORE JS…I guess this would be the reason to buy the package.

I’m *still* confused why you’d want to use webkit animation extensions vs JS animation. I guess the simplicity of notation in CSS is a big plus. (and I actually asked the question. let’s see if gets answered) someone asked about diagonal, and yes you can do that, which is kinda cool. lots of questions and speculations about the “unicorn” (can’t remember who I saw call it that on twitter: fakebaldur?) iTablet. there’s something about this that feels very much like “old school” pre-standards advocacy coding. very fragile.

got distracted looking up jQTouch…I guess I’m kinda antsy to actually DO something now.

chopin scherzo #2 in b(flat?) minor?

iUI — to keep the chrome away, keep all the content in one file.

I jumped away from the class to start playing with an idea. also, I’m hungry. really wish this class didn’t overlap with lunchtime.

Ok, too hungry to pay attention, plus I got distracted tracking down Drupal-related ideas. Going to come back and play with this stuff after lunch.