DrupalCamp: Views

Jennifer’s Drupal Cheat Sheet (I think I’ve linked to this via delicious at some point)

Some references to what she’s used for this.

Pages to be made with Views: Upcoming classes, Courses We Offer, Instructors

Having a good (pathauto-style) URL helps for getting blocks onto pages, matching with wildcards.

Views under Site-Building. Starting point is a lot like starting with a content type, and similarly no 2 views can have the same machine-readable name.

Basic choice is page vs. block. Basic explanation of blocks. If it’s going to have a URL, it’s a page, if it’s going into some other page, then it’s a block. Can make the same View have a Block & Page version. (?)

View types (more types avail thru modules) – full node, then another full node; same thing with teasers; table (grid, one row/node); list; Calendar & date browser she’s never used. (Very curious about the date browser) Here she uses table.

“Front Page View”?

Pagination options. Alpha pager module available. (For youth site taxonomy pages?)

Filters (I think this is where I got stuck) – oh, scheduling! Maybe I need to add effective date as separate from the actual publication date. “Field_course_date: Date” or something like that – greater than or equal to now.

(musing out loud: unique *something* with an effective date today or earlier?)

if you have sorting enabled on a table, don’t use default sorting?

clicking on Edit on the page created by a View goes to the View editing page.

“clone” (kinda like that thing in the intranet software)

sorta wishing I were coming tomorrow. special topics for theming sounds interesting, as do Panels & Image Handling.

Views Theming Wizard?

export/import, can’t use on the same site, but from one site to a different site with the same structure. also used as a way to do staging from dev to production.

audience q: how would you improve views? to be able to put into a table a field from a reference node. yeah, that would be cool. she’s thought about writing a module to do that. “there may be a module that does that, but I haven’t found one.”

the drupal slogan: “there’s a module that does that.”

“Views Union, I tried, it’s awful.”

Can do some crazy thing with list view as a dummy view and then frankenstein together something. Whew.

Exposed filters. O hey. That would be nice for jobs.

Adds an “exposed filters” area after clicking “expose” button. Locking the operators makes the most sense. [“Digital painting” class? That would be RAD…is that the subject for Painting the Web? 🙂 ] “Always lock the operators…makes no sense to the end user”

Could you set up the filter zone as checkboxen rather than one of those weird select things?

And is there an Ajaxy way to filter w/out clicking submit? (jQuery) An audience q that’s fairly similar…

“Views Filter Block” makes the filtering zone take less space.

[oh, another diversity point: this seems like a wider age range than one often sees. the occasional “kid” but also quite a few oldsters.]

Instructor page with Upcoming & Past/Current class lists – Block Views.

[more] link on Block vs. pagination on Page

Empty text if there are no results “This teacher hasn’t taught anything yet” or on a page view w/exposed filters “try your search w/out filters” or similar.

Can’t do “only classes that this teacher has taught” in filters. Nothing here that’s dependent on which page it’s being shown on. Aha.


based on the URL, pass info to do extra filtering. Oy that looks complicated “argument handling code views” search 🙂 arg(0) = node, arg(1) = 34 (or whatever)

set the instructor number that goes into the argument to the number of the node.

so why do you need pathauto?

to put it on the page, edit Blocks. oh, and it’s just in the content block. (I missed how to make sure it just shows up on the right pages. oh, that’s where pathauto comes in, pattern matching.)

I think I’m going to ask my Q about the weird rates stuff on the DUG list, or maybe go to one of their meetings.