tools for enchantment revisited

As I said in my mondo summary, I thought this particular panel deserved a few more summary and/or explanation and/or planning notes. I’m finding that my thoughts on this fall into a couple of categories.

First of all, I find myself wanting to go nuts on our intranet. It should be attractive and interesting, to provide a rich environment for learning at work. It should reduce stress. “Do something cool within 30 minutes.” Work more with HR/PERC to include more features on physical activity. Plus I want an entirely new way to think about knowledge transfer and reference materials, with lots more of people helping each other and getting good at asking smart questions, bringing each other in on jargon, etc.

On the public side, I want to find more ways to feature how members got what they wanted by being members, getting loans, etc., etc. The education site (my last project before sxsw) pulls back at me, too; storytelling to increase learning, plus using that learning to increase understanding of financial issues; and the same thing with the email newsletter, creating a higher-resolution experience? (It’s still a little vague.)

And a couple of a little reminders: make sure that features, esp. in online banking, show up in the right places (as much as I can); and check on getting good help for banking users.