keynote: frank warren (postsecret)

late in (lunch w/Andrea at mongolian grill, yay!) — came in as he was showing postcards that couldn’t be in the book. clip art, famous people, unidentifiable photos.

something about postsecret stuff just makes my eyes well up, I can’t help it.

the bar code as evidence of the journey, and as a challenge to the viewer.

omg, guy just proposed to his gf on the keynote stage.

“women have the most [interesting? creative? something] interior lives and I feel [grateful?] for getting these.”

“whatever secret you’re going to say, I’ve gotten it before and someone else has that secret right here in this audience.”

“authenticity revolution” (from questioner) what the heck is that joe clark thing from ages ago about the life-on-the-web generation gap.

false dichotomy of true/false with secrets.

okay, now I am actually crying.