core conversation: why video games fail in corporate training

it looks like this may actually be an interactive format rather than sitting & being talked at, so might not end up with a lot of live notes. thus, this is a placeholder for later.

ok, that was lame. got one useful thing: casual games for learning discrete tasks. (3M game from 1996, elephant crossing the bridge by matching adhesives & materials.)

update: the core conversations were a set of moderated discussions amongst attendees; all the tables at a given time were within a specific “theme.” 2 problems with the general format: the room was terrible for having a good conversation, big & echo-ey with a high ceiling; and being all on a theme meant picking between topics that one was very interested in or not being interested in ANY of the topics. This conversation was not what I was hoping for, except for that one tidbit, while the other one I went to was fascinating.