day #whatever, part 2

Just got back in (1:30-ish) after dinner at halcyon (omg salad!), a few hours at the fray cafe, where I got up and told the story of grandma & grandpa nelson, then just about collapsed shaking like a leaf. there was another story I wanted to tell but couldn’t get up the nerve. christina wodke was 2 after me IIRC and we commiserated over the internal sensations of getting up and talking about something personal. (vs professional.) I got a copy of the latest fray book, too, which was kinda cool. badge of honor & all that. tagged along with christina & her gang for a bit, when they got to the (bar? party?) they were headed to I decided I didn’t really want to do that, I wanted to cruise around on my bike (this was shortly before midnight, I think) and I headed over to some other party that I’d considered earlier. but it was too loud. I’ve never really done loud. actually, I find austin in general to be too loud. the one thing I really don’t like. (that, and the potholes! it’s like biking into a canyon.) so I headed back towards the hotel, and as I was cruising along on the sidewalk, caught dori smith’s profile out of the corner of my eye, said something goofy like “hey, you’re dori smith! I like your work.” (very suave, as per usual.) and she knew who I was, which totally surprised me. 🙂 and then we talked, just standing there, for like an hour. I think I actually may have gotten her in trouble with tom, because it was past 1 before we went our separate ways. I like her a lot. very high energy, fun to talk with.

so I got back here, and it’s now a quarter to 2, and I’m kinda jazzed, and my feet are kinda cold, and I have no friggin’ idea how I’m going to get to sleep. wishing the whirlpool at the hotel was open. or maybe I could do laundry? but I imagine I’ll take a bath and then drift off. (not in the tub. but you knew that.) I just wanted to brain-dump all of this here while it was still fresh.

and I’m going to have to think about how I would’ve told the story that I wanted to tell, so maybe I’ll be ready to tell (or write, because it’s never been written in all one piece) it sometime later.

::deep breath::