That’s what I’m calling my del.icio.us tag for the Microsoft meta-tag proposal. (Have no idea what the hell I’m talking about? Well, you probably just want to move right along to some poetry or something, but the links should be informative if you are curious.)

I’ve considered commenting on a number of posts on the topic, including some that aren’t linked from my del.icio.us. (You can generally find those posts by reading the things I did link.) Most notably, I thought about being one of the 9,872 (not really) comments on the Z’s posts.

But I can’t get my thoughts into anything that resembles a coherent statement. There’s WAY¬† too much emotion going on here.

Here meaning both out in the discussions, and here in my head. I had an hour-long IM with Dylan not too long ago, because I was freaking out with unnerving intensity. As in, comments on the Z’s posts bringing me almost to tears. And I could not explain why. (Other than lack of sleep because of a furnace going out a couple of nights earlier in freezing weather. That always makes my emotions extra-emotional.)

* * *

I’ve come back to try to start this paragraph between other things for a few hours now, and I can’t. So, garbled thoughts in no particular order:

  • Is IE8 really going to be SO very different from IE7? It seems like IE6 -> IE7 was the really painful break.
  • Why should I be forced to do EVEN MORE work because of IE?
  • “To hell with bad browsers” seriously, honestly, changed my life. I don’t care about the rationales, this feels like a step back, and in some cases, a betrayal.
  • Too many of the articles deal with CSS issues. Let’s not forget JavaScript & the DOM.
  • Intranets are teh scuk.

I am just going to keep doing my thing, making sites that are as standards-compliant as I can manage, isolating CSS hacks into conditional comments, feature-detecting in JavaScript. I’m going to try to back off on the intensity of my emotions about the whole thing, and just do what I love, and what I’m good at.

That’s all I have to say about that, at least right now, or on this blog.