history of the red giant

Spring 2002: red Giant mountain bike purchased at Bike Tech in south Tacoma. (IIRC, it was the 2nd bike we bought that year; there was a yellow one just before that which wasn’t very good and got returned.)

[unrelated: Spring 2004: silver Townie purchased at Bike Tech in Olympia.]

September 2006: bike stolen from carport.

April 2007: replacement bike, a grey Giant, purchased from Bike Tech in Olympia.

May 2007: bike found by C in Lacey, recovered from possible thief.  Bike was then found to be in non-usable condition and donated to Build-A-Bike project for refurbishment/reuse. (Blog post from the time.)

November 2007: Olympia police found red Giant in a pawn shop and came to ask C about it, I think because it was still reported as stolen.