in cycling news

I had my first ride to work since before WebVisions (and the god-awful sinus infection) on Friday and it was quite lovely. Coincidentally, it was Ride to Work Day…although not coincidentally, the bike commute contest had double miles for that day, and it was a dress-down day for anybody who biked or walked to work. 🙂 Of course, after an incredibly gorgeous week, I got rained on a bit on the way home.  Still, it felt so very good to ride.  Not that you want to know, but I also managed to work the last of the gunk out of my sinuses that way.

I tried to go out yesterday afternoon, but seriously — 5 minutes out and it started POURING.  After being just cloudy with occasional drizzle all day.  WTF?  Today was just torrential, although it’s stopped and I see a bit of blue sky through the living room window.

The weirdest thing happened this week.  C’s bike was stolen last fall (about the same time Maddy disappeared), and this week he was out driving on an errand, and saw some random guy, riding his bike.  So of course he stopped and confronted the guy, who started to give some kind of lame excuse, but stopped and just let C take it back.

We checked the serial number on the bottom that evening, because I never throw away paperwork, and yep: it’s his old bike.  Unfortunately, it’s in pretty lousy condition — pretty beat up, and it was already 6 years old anyway.  Since he’s already gotten a replacement bike, I think we’re going to donate it to Build-A-Bike, so somebody can get some use out of it without being a thief.  I’m just boggled that it turned up: a very nice turn of events.

This week is supposed to be good weather, at least the first few days, so I’m looking forward to getting some miles in.  I discovered, while I was sick, that I get very little exercise when I’m not riding.  We’re doing this step-counting thing at work, with free pedometers, and if I ride, it works out to the equivalent of 12000+ steps.  During the time when I was recovering, but going to work, it took real effort to get above 6000.  Which points to exercise as an important part of my mental health, and reminds me that I need to keep doing SOMETHING, even if I can’t ride.  I started walking more, once I saw the pattern, and that was lovely too.  Even got a breakthrough on a work project while out on an afternoon stroll to the park.