ENA meeting, my notes

present: me, C, luke, ann, luke’s fiancee whose name I can’t remember, carol, jody, edie.

dude, the newsletter made money! remind C to talk to 4D.  need to find a distribution manager for winter 2008. 20 routes, Mark has the spreadsheet. should probably also work on recruiting new delivery people.

membership directory.

sign update – lee keatch (sp?) in public works.

oh, hey, that house that got fixed up belongs to luke.

weird map shit.

picnic? disc golf?! kiosk with healthy activity info.

olympian free community events section. eventco…stuff is expensive, but maybe we can work out something.

scott’s drum circle? restaurant equipment? (huh?)  pizza guy?

need to get a list of who to contact about what.

city maintenance guys ahead of time. tctv mobile studio.

new bridge as sponsors?

5 hours is too long.  last year was 11am – 2pm, that worked out well.

microphone for meetings? older woman with impaired hearing. or record? (podcast!)  if we use the sanctuary then we can use their setup.

archive notice for next newsletter.

I’m taking on the whole membership list management thing.

capitol city marathon on sunday, cheering section, on legion between boundary & central, getting together around 9 am.