laying low

I haven’t been writing much, even though I have lots of words in my brain. So this is just one of those occasional “hi, I’m alive” posts.

We bought a truck weekend before last, and I’m rather enjoying it.

Biking continues well, even after my moment with the semi. (No, I never heard back from the state patrol.) Although this afternoon, when it was incredibly cold, drizzling, with rumors of snow, I decided it was best to ride the bus.

I had a filling put in today, which was… ::shrug:: I hate getting dental work done, but at least I like my dentist. Today’s bonus: watching Stewart interview Craig Newmark. I ::heart:: TV in the ceiling at the dentist.
If anybody knows anything about getting Nvidia drivers working properly in Ubuntu, when the installer wants you to recompile…I’m all ears.

Work is…work. Still good, though. I got to do a CSS conversion, which always makes me feel good. And I’ve implemented a Google Map, which is so freaking cool that I have to link to it. Along those lines, I’m picking up more Javascript/Ajax, about which more later.

I’m very much hoping to get a bit of clear weather over the weekend to get out into the garden, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

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