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Archives for March 2006

things I learned at SXSW 2006

(or relearned, as the case may be) my hair doesn’t like Austin, but my knee does exercise makes me happy in a fire, the first thing I’d think about is my files I need downtime, and sufficient sleep bicycling in a skirt is tricky gtalk makes a really annoying noise, unless you turn it off […]

SXSWi 2006 session summaries

This is a quick summary of all the sessions I attended, with links to my complete and somewhat random notes. DOM Scripting An excellent refresher of Keith’s book, with some good in-person examples. Jeremy and his co-presenter, Aaron, worked very well together, bouncing back and forth in a good-natured collaborative style. Very little of the […]

back into the routine

today was back to work.? my email load was somewhere upwards of 500, but at least half of that was in spam, and a good quarter in some sort of discussion about parking woes during building construction.? (so glad to have a vanpool, with a reserved spot even.) it was a relatively light day, on […]

back home

With my cats, my dear C, and Space: 1999.? I had the day off, and did nothing in particular with it, which was pretty much the plan.? We did ride our bikes downtown & back together, to the bank, the library, Taco del Mar, and B&B.? (I think they had a new guy today: my […]