like a tubercular smoker

Over the last few days I’ve developed this lovely cough; the back of my throat is itchy and I feel the compulsion to cough every few minutes. Otherwise, I feel fine. Tired, as usual, just because I’m not meant to be awake before 7:30 am, but generally upbeat and creative.

I’m not done with it yet, so no review, but those of you who have encountered depression in one way or another should run to your library (bookstore, Amazon, whatever) and get Against Depression. Some science, but a lot of philosophy. I mentioned it to C last night and called it mind-expanding.

So your head is like a popcorn kernel popping?

Yes, precisely. Big fluffy thoughts springing forth!

Or something like that. Seriously, though, go find a copy now. I’m even thinking of emailing a select group of friends who I don’t think read this too often.
(Thanks, Kat, for the recommendation.)