Sunday in the living room with a cold

another day, and still sick.? ears massively, massively stuffed up!? which hurts…and makes me a little dizzy.? I have gotten into the routine of the cold-sufferer: naps, tv (videos from the library, in my case), and the occasional snack/tea/OJ.? the world outside seems distant and unapproachable.

that is overstating it a bit…I wandered around the garden and checked on the sprouting vegetables.? nice how they keep going w/out me.? and I took pictures of the cats, who were surprisingly amenable.? Boingo was the only one who wouldn’t hold the pose I found him in.

I’m going to call in sick tomorrow; I’m teleworking, but I doubt I’ll have the mental acuity to actually get anything done.? a little frustrating, that.? I was just getting back into the groove at the end of last week.? dunno about Tuesday; I just need to see how tomorrow goes.? (note to self: check if I have any Tuesday meetings, reschedule if possible.)