things I learned at SXSW 2006

(or relearned, as the case may be)

  • my hair doesn’t like Austin, but my knee does
  • exercise makes me happy
  • in a fire, the first thing I’d think about is my files
  • I need downtime, and sufficient sleep
  • bicycling in a skirt is tricky
  • gtalk makes a really annoying noise, unless you turn it off
  • I still sunburn easily
  • when I’m intellectually engaged, I take better notes
  • conversation with friends is a good thing

stuff I brought that I didn’t need:

  • most of the clothes
  • tights
  • most jewelry
  • most of the stuff in my wallet
  • dove hair smoother stuff

stuff that I really could’ve used

  • nail clippers
  • qtips
  • another pen
  • power strip

all in all, it was entirely overwhelming and entirely worthwhile.? I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again next year, but I would like to.

4 Replies to “things I learned at SXSW 2006”

  1. Hope you can make it again next year — it was great to meet you! I had similar thoughts about the number of clothes I brought along and the number actually needed…

  2. My first SXSW trip I failed to bring along extra camera batteries and a powerstrip. Living in Austin, I didn’t have to worry about the clothes, so that was good. I want to get one of the power squids for the next time as they pack easier than a standard strip does.

    It took a good day or two to recover from being “on” for four days straight.

  3. Your list of stuff you brought that you didn’t need is almost identical to my experience. I even brought a light sweater – you know, just in case.

    What on earth was I thinking? Chilly nights out-on-the-town? 😉

    And jewelry…! I’ll never take jewelry on a trip again…

    Two pairs of hose got a free trip from California to Austin and back (never used them in Austin – promptly returned them to department store when I got back).

    Anyways. Glad you had a good time. 😉



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