…which I managed to handily forget, went well anyhow, with a tasty dinner and some 1st season Star Trek Next Gen.? ? mmmm, love.

two things reminded me yesterday:

  1. phonecall from C, on my office phone because I accidentally left the cell at home — sitting next to my brain, obviously.? so very sweet, and so very embarrassing.? “oh, that’s right, today is the 14th.”
  2. LJ entry by K, waxing poetic about the holiday.? something deeply and truly ironic in that.

last night & this morning were so very cold; I kept hoping that I’d get up and look out the window at snow, but no such luck.? the forecast just keeps calling for cold & bright.

I have to admit that I’m enjoying the new prettiness of WordPress 2.? I’ve been upgrading installations elsewhere, and damn that’s painless, too.? Only thing that really irks so far? Having the excerpt box down below the fold.? Y’all know that I love my excerpts. 🙂