quiet holiday week

…at least on the web; the only web-creative work I’ve really done this week is for my neighborhood association, and even that not as much as I could’ve.

I was on vacation all this week, and trying to stay away from the computer, except for house-related research.

it’s been…interesting. so-so weather, but good enough for a couple of rides and a little bit of outside work. generally (indoors & out), I got more done than I could’ve but less than I’d like. a couple of big things are out of the way, and some path-laying work done for future work.

big fight this week, maybe as big as we’ve ever had. about which, the less said the better, except that I ::heart:: my new therapist.

cut all my hair off on Sunday last. okay, not *all* my hair. but I’ve been thinking about getting a major trim for a while — last time it was cut at all was probably February? — and then started thinking about something really different. did some web research to get pictures, the right terms, and then took the plunge. went quite a bit shorter than I really intended and almost passed out at that first big cut, but I’m very happy with the results.

this will surprise those who’ve known me through a variety of hair styles (when I got my hair hacked in ’97 and everyone else I knew was tripping out on it, Edith took one look and said “you had that cut in the 5th grade”), but this really is different from any hairstyle I have _ever_ had. it reminds me a little bit of Kat’s general style, but turns out quite different because of my big fluffy hair, that or Jen C’s haircut, although her hair is a little more flyaway than mine (that frizzy redhead thing). (trying to decide whether to try a mirror photo now, or wait until C is around again & persuade him to take a picture.)

from a practical standpoint, I like it because the front is long enough to pull/tie back for cleaning, gardening, etc., and the whole thing fits neatly under my helmet w/out resorting to braids or ponytails.

now I can let Pico keep most of my elastic hair ties, since they are her 2nd favorite toy, after “Mr. Spidey.”

oh, and the kicker is that since it was more than 10″ of hair (!!!!!), and I was happy to donate it, the cut was free.

update: I did end up taking a picture myself.

update 2: there is nothing new under the sun. see: photo from 1979; shorter, yes, but much the same shape.

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  1. Mostly, we just googled on a bunch of terms, hairstyles, hip hair, that sort of thing. C did most of the driving, so to speak. (Thanks for the compliment!)

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