I haven’t posted much the last few days; it’s been very up and down: sleep, or the lack of it, seems to be right at the heart of my mental state. I barely slept a wink on Friday night, and Monday night I woke at 3-ish and never really got back to sleep. So I’ve been foggy and irritable, although I’m inclined to say the meds have a dampening effect on my more agitated moments, which is a good thing. And I think C & I came to some important understandings, or at least I’m hopeful on that account.

Tonight I tried to do some exercising, mostly stretches. Mental health & physical health are two sides of the same coin, and I want to spend the time on my physical health in the hopes that it will improve my mental health as well.

With that thought in mind, I’m toddling off to bed, a bit early, once I get the posse in for the night. Perhaps I’ll be lucky and have a full 8 hours under my belt before morning.