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Archives for March 2005

daffodils in a concrete box

the author considers the problem of titles before meditating on bringing spring into the office.

a little every day

in which the author muses on mild depression and the effect of exercise, resolves to improve herself through the literary arts, and tells a story about cycling and rain.

a few template thoughts

* more subtle colors, I think. * need archive & syndication pages * where are link graphics for WordPress? * not sure how to include Pages list yet.

everything old is new again

Yes, I’m redoing the template that I created for Blogger nearly four years ago, only now as a WordPress template. I’m hoping to have at least this one ready for the WP 1.5 themes contest. I have more ideas, but this is the most fully formed one…probably because I’ve already been here & done this. […]

note to future self

emergen’c + multivitamin + empty stomach = very bad idea.

random quote

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson from the footer of an email I got today. something to mull over, I think.


I opened this tab thinking I had something to say, and realized, after a bunch of surfing, that I actually don’t. On the other hand, I’m enjoying watching the boys take turns playing GTA: San Andreas. There’s this enormous mountain, and they discovered a parachute & mountain bike. Hilarity ensues. Although, honestly, it gives me […]


Just switched to WP1.5; same ol’ template for the time being. Next I’ll switch over Snapping Links….

a grand plan

inspired by the CSS reboot, I’m getting ready for a total site overhaul. the long time visitors are rolling their eyes, having watched a half-dozen full or partial redesigns…but I’m serious. I want to clean up the cruft, both visually and structurally, and come up with something better. so far, the plan is this: * […]