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I have a stack of books at home that’s almost more than I can read, at least before they’re due at the library. Been reading Collapse, which just entirely fascinating, and fits in well with my entirely cynical view of human beings in relation to their environment. And then today I picked up The Midnight Disease, which Joe Clark had recommended, plus I have several other things laying about the house that I still want to read…and y’know, a crazy hold list.

which is by way of saying that I don’t know how to start this evening’s freewrite, which is unfortunately located in the room with the TV so I can also be somewhat sociable.

although I’m enjoying tapes of random comedy central stuff. I like that Jon Stewart. A lot.

raining again, which is kinda tough, but relieving after the dry winter. actually, I’m not sure if it’s raining at this exact moment; raindrops lit up green by the light on the garage across the alley.

oh, blah blah blah. I don’t really care; I don’t know what to say, really.

today I had my appointment to get referred to orthopedics. this whole knee thing just wears me down: stressful, annoying.

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