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Archives for March 2005

great dinner!

Tonight was the higher education web professionals dinner that I organized…and it went very well. The restaurant was affordable and comfortable, with fantastic service and good food. (Costas on University Ave, if you’re wondering.) 17 people showed up, including me: maybe half from various bits of the UW, but the rest from a variety of […]

late nite thoughts

sometimes I think I’ve forgotten who I am, or at least who I used to strive towards being. there is a version of myself that is struggling to be expressed…I don’t know where to start, though. I think, for my site redesign, I’m going to search through my old postcard collections for inspiration.


but in a good way. the weather cleared up this afternoon, so I spent a little time puttering around in my garden: transplanting lamb’s ear and an unknown (name forgotten) decorative grass, planting lettuce, arugula & spinach in a box planter, repotting a baby tree, plucking grass out of the beds (I don’t know if […]