but in a good way. the weather cleared up this afternoon, so I spent a little time puttering around in my garden: transplanting lamb’s ear and an unknown (name forgotten) decorative grass, planting lettuce, arugula & spinach in a box planter, repotting a baby tree, plucking grass out of the beds (I don’t know if that’s “still” or “already”), rearranging the stuff on the patio.

there remains a ton to do, of course, now that February is a thing of the past, the days are getting longer, and everything is starting to grow. crocuses are already in bloom; more surprisingly, I’ve got a few violas already going, and I’m seeing the first hint of a tulip blooming.

it nags at me, nibbling away at the back of my brain, but for a moment I can look out at my vista and enjoy it.