everything old is new again

Yes, I’m redoing the template that I created for Blogger nearly four years ago, only now as a WordPress template. I’m hoping to have at least this one ready for the WP 1.5 themes contest. I have more ideas, but this is the most fully formed one…probably because I’ve already been here & done this.

But it’s kinda fun exploring my old work. I definitely did it differently than I would now; that, and weblogs have changed their basic structure since 2001. How so? Back then (!) the date was the important organizing structure, and there weren’t post titles as such, at least not in Blogger. Not much in the way of syndication, either, nor were there categories.

My understanding of CSS was similarly rudimentary; a lot of what I’ve done is simplification, more so than elaboration.

I’m really enjoying developing WP templates, more so than for any other system I’ve used to date…although you wouldn’t know it from looking at _this_ site. (At work, I’ve already developed *three* templates based on our graphics standards, so I can just drop them in for new sites!) It’s not exactly _easy_ but it’s logical and it works much as I would do templates for my own sites, which is nice.