it wasn’t even my birthday

Kat’s birthday was yesterday (go visit her blog and wish her a happy birthday!), so I went up to Seattle last night after work. We had a fun time, not doing anything unusual…

* lamb, potatoes, and asparagus for dinner (I brought wine for a sauce)
* playing with Sims 2 Body Shop (we made Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison!)
* playing Go with a little tiny magnetic board (she kicked my ass)
* playing Go online (we did pretty good, but I wore out half-way through)
* breakfast at CJ’s in Belltown (excellent cheese blintzes and AMAZING service)
* shopping! (I found this gorgeous black skirt, on sale, still more than I’d normally spend, but it was actually just about perfect)

and just generally hanging out and doing the things that we do. I really miss Kat being just shouting distance. (some years back, we lived in apartments that were so close that we prob’ly could’ve met halfway while talking on our cordless phones.)

happy birthday, girl!