knee news

I went to physical therapy today…I don’t know if I *like* my therapist, but I *trust* her, if that makes any sense. she had me walk up and down, stand on one foot, and then pulled on my right leg, which helped, almost to my surprise. then ice, which I should probably go do again right now. 3-5 minutes…that’s such a long time!

also, I need to ditch my old, and much loved, New Balance sneakers. sigh. and no stairs, at all…I’m sure the vanpool will be thrilled to hear that…. (is that sarcastic? I’m not entirely sure.) actually, I shouldn’t’ve even gone to Kat’s this weekend, stairs are that bad for my current condition.

I have one very simple exercise to do, plus I will be increasing my time on the stationary bike at work. oh, and I need to walk better, as in, heel first, like in marching-band days of yore. seriously: as I was walking away, I started to go back to my usual, and now gimpy, way of walking, and the therapist called out: “heel, heel, heel” — suddenly I was transported back to 1987. I’m not sure if that’s in a good way….

I feel chastened but hopeful.