I went to the doctor today. My knee is getting better, but still has a ways to go. He was testing it, and one bend actually made me cry. Still a lot of effusion, apparently. I should be continuing to get better, and in another month or so I’m going back for another checkup. No special exercises, but cycling, as long as I feel stable, is a good idea.

I originally made the appointment for my hands/arms, and I got a brace for my right hand. This really sucks. He thinks it’s traditional carpal tunnel, based on a few minutes of tweaking. I was hoping to be referred to phys. therapy, but he wants to start me with the brace first. So far, I hate it. My wrist is being held fairly still, but everything else about it is uncomfortable & awkward, especially trying to use the laptop’s trackpad.

But I’m going to be optimistic and keep at it for now.

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  1. Doctors? Don’t know jack about RSI.

    Wear the brace like a good little girl, then go back in and ask for physical therapy. Worked for me.

  2. ha!

    of course, I have been following your RSI woes, which is part of what makes me optimistic at all.

    I did mention that I was asked to wear a brace the last time I went in for this stuff (~6 years ago? didn’t follow up because of…well, a lot of things) and it was too uncomfortable to wear.

    we’ll see. I am finding that I want to have my hands turned in a way that would be most compatible with a natural keyboard, so I’ll be mentioning that to the boss this week. (can’t do too much about the lappy, tho.)

  3. Sure you can. Lappy must have either a PS/2 or USB connector.

    And yeah, the Natural is a good keyboard. When I was messing about looking for one that worked, it landed high on my list. Still wouldn’t give up my Kinesis, but on the rare occasions I left my Kinesis at home by accident, I usually snagged my boss’s Natural. 🙂

  4. Okay, so if I’m at home, I can definitely attach a better keyboard to the laptop. (And there are some positioning things that I’m learning, too.) Thank you for the gentle nagging. 🙂

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