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inspired by three things

# Ten Years After # Update and Travels (which led me to…) # Dark Night Flick [I may come back and edit this a little bit for style.] I’ve always had an unusual intimacy with the written word. I first started pouring my thoughts into journals when I was 8 or 9 years old — […]

in a entirely different mood

I found this flier while cleaning out my email…one of my colleagues made it, years ago. (Funny thing: I asked him if it was okay to post it here, and we got to chatting about computers. Three of all saying that we’d used “trash-80s”, and Ken said, “what, when you were like 12?” Um, yeah. […]

I feel somewhat this way

Gone Beyond, by Adam Greenfield. I’m feeling sort of jumbled about Grandma. It’s not as though this was even remotely unexpected, and when Mom called me at 8:30 in the morning — once I realized it was her — I knew exactly what she’d say. Grandma was 93, had very bad Parkinson’s, and was generally […]

it’s the little things

in the last week or so I’ve gone from over 1000 emails in my (work) inbox to less than 200. makes me feel more at ease in my own skin, really. the hope is to get down to 0, per Mark Hurst’s “managing email”:http://www.goodexperience.com/ — which I should really reread.

brace at the end of the week

The awkwardness in the thumb is somewhat reduced, but still annoying. (I emailed the doctor about it.) And it’s still a little weird overall. OTOH, I *think* it’s forcing me into more correct posture…not just in my hands, but my arms, and so all the way up and down. (I’ve been trying to adjust my […]

am I doing something wrong?

I swear this stupid fsking brace is making things worse, in some ways. (Thumb keeps going numb.) I’m going to give it two more days, and then call the doctor. And sleeping with it on? Ha.


I went to the doctor today. My knee is getting better, but still has a ways to go. He was testing it, and one bend actually made me cry. Still a lot of effusion, apparently. I should be continuing to get better, and in another month or so I’m going back for another checkup. No […]

first ride

today I got back on my bike for the first time since my fall, and rode to the grocery store (yeah, we were out of half & half). it hurt a little differently than walking does, and kind of in a good way, working out the tension along the top of my knee. it’s a […]

first post!

it’s now 2005; I’m spending this first morning hanging out and watching the first disk of 24 Season 3 while I surf, read email, etc. Thursday night I went out to dinner at the “icon grill”:http://www.icongrillseattle.com/ with “Kat”:http://frantikgirl.blogspot.com, “Joe”:http://royerwolfboy.blogspot.com/ and his partner Jim, Mark, and a bunch of people I didn’t know (people Joe used […]