this is pretty cool

I’m sitting in a donut shop a few blocks away from Kat’s building, waiting for her to get off of “work”: …and they have free wifi. trip on that. 🙂 now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that battery life will outstrip time hanging out.

today I’ve had the most walking since the bail: to the store to pick up a few things for treats I made for C’s parents (pound cake for mom, tom ka gai for dad), and then from the downtown bus stop to here. my knee aches like crazy, but I’m ecstatic to be moving again…next, back on the bike!

only problem with all this: their chai is atrocious. I mean really, really bad, and foamy, too. 😛

but it makes a good break from my current reading: “Krakatoa”: — we were at the library a couple of days ago, and it just kinda popped off the shelf at me. fascinating, excellent book, which is a meandering tour of lots of things related to the 1883 volcanic explosion, and then the explosion itself and its aftermath…but it’s also deeply disturbing. 35,000+ people killed, mostly by…tsunami.

yeah, I know, I’m kinda morbid. I was curious, though, and geologic catastrophe holds a special place in my intellectual interests. but I could stand to pull back into today, and my usual reading, for a bit.