toss or rewrite

while C is playing video games (I think it’s Far Cry now), I’m fussing about with my site, and taking a good hard look at my media diet section….

I’m using a mildly hacked version of oddbook, which I like because it just has the bits that I need for reviewing books and movies, but on the other hand, it’s obviously nowhere near as polished as WordPress, or even LucidCMS (which I’m really enjoying), and some of the ways it works irk me.

which means I have 4 possible solutions:

# keep using it as is and grumble a lot
# hack it to make it bend to my will
# start over, using the same database, but written the way I program/think
# use something different

I’ve been going with (1) for a while, maybe it’s time to try (2)…although if anybody knows of a PHP-driven bit ‘o software for reviewing books/movies, I’d sure appreciate hearing about it. 🙂

(I’m having the same issue with Feed on Feeds, too.)