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Archives for December 2004

an old friend resurfaces

last night I had an email from an old friend from college who I hadn’t heard from in a while…in so long that he had my old phone number that got changed nearly 2 years ago, and that I didn’t know that he’d moved to a different state. not the longest chat ever, but long […]

this is pretty cool

I’m sitting in a donut shop a few blocks away from Kat’s building, waiting for her to get off of “work”:http://frantikgirl.blogspot.com/2004/11/new-job-top-secret.html …and they have free wifi. trip on that. 🙂 now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that battery life will outstrip time hanging out. today I’ve had the most walking since the […]

toss or rewrite

while C is playing video games (I think it’s Far Cry now), I’m fussing about with my site, and taking a good hard look at my media diet section…. I’m using a mildly hacked version of oddbook, which I like because it just has the bits that I need for reviewing books and movies, but […]

thinking about pictures

several things occur to me as I work with photos to post here… # I love having a card with lots of capacity. # I need to go back to using “photos”:http://www.alexking.org/index.php?content=software/photos/content.php because I don’t have a good way to review the last 2+ years of digital pix. # I don’t like my camera anymore: […]

holiday photos

The tree: Piko, in a rare contemplative mood: and two from my last week of vacation…. My re-worked garden bed: Piko tried to get in on the action when we were putting fenders on my bike:

xmas countdown

I have today and tomorrow as holidays, which is really nice, not least because my office chair was making my knee worse. we did some cleaning up, laundry, and C did a bit of shopping. (last minute groceries and stocking stuffers) brought the tree in, too…we’ve had the same tree since our first Christmas here, […]

browser factoids

I finally had a chance to look at my browser stats: 38% unknown (bots, feedreaders, etc.) 30% IE 17% Firefox 5 1/2% Mozilla which means that there is no majority browser in my world. IE counts for enough that I shouldn’t screw its users over, but the animal-based browsers are definitely a significant minority. also, […]

lazy web people-finding?

I’m trying to find my very best friend from junior high & high school. Last I heard, around the time we moved to Olympia, she was going back to southern Cal to live with her mom while she did her residency, IIRC at UCLA Medical. Only when I sent a holiday card to her mom’s […]


my knee just freaking aches.

new digs

looks like I’m in the new zone, and I didn’t need those database backups after all. (the new host was able to get into my old cPanel and do a direct transfer.)