xmas countdown

I have today and tomorrow as holidays, which is really nice, not least because my office chair was making my knee worse.

we did some cleaning up, laundry, and C did a bit of shopping. (last minute groceries and stocking stuffers) brought the tree in, too…we’ve had the same tree since our first Christmas here, although this may be its last year coming in for the holiday. it looks so pretty with the moss in the base: I had to weed it when it brought it in, but I kept the moss.

I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to put the ornaments on, though; something happily traditional about that for me.

tomorrow I’m going to buy C’s stocking stuffers (I don’t yet know what!!!), bake pumpkin pies, and finish cleaning. probably do a little yardwork, too, if I have the energy and my knee has the stamina.

last night, an old friend of ours, the one who introduced C & I, came into town and over to our house; the three of us and one of our D&D buddies spent the evening playing Axis and Allies. lots of fun…although I was a little weary with the soreness in my knee…we ended at 11 pm with a stalemate. I did get in one excellent attack as the UK, taking Karelia back from the Germans. 🙂

the holidays have often been a time of intense anxiety, but this year I’m feeling…better, even with the stupid annoying injury, even with an unfinished kitchen; I have the holiday spirit, or something.