mea2 (open source)

Jason Moore, URochester, undergraduate (again!), also works at college writing center. all his campus jobs have been unrelated to programming, but have all ended up involving programming.

lots of projects out there. wacky logo montage.

okay, I’m not really paying attention. there’s nothing here I don’t know, really. history of open source, stallman, yadda yadda. I’m gonna go play around with IT Kitchen stuff for a bit.

I wish he were giving more tight examples; this is the classic bad-style presentation as per presentation judo. detailing licenses now. there’s nothing that his verbage is adding to the slides. reinforcing my hatred of powerpoint presentations.

why develop? good reasons, nothing terribly new and exciting, and no examples.

citing cathedral/bazaar. business models. but as schools, we don’t care about business models. I should go hand him a copy of the article I have printed out…oh, but it’s in my room.

example: slimdevices. again, nothing to do with education.

another example: red hat. damn, this is boring.

he’s talking to an audience other than the one in this room, I think.

did I bring my camera? I don’t think so…which is unfortunate, because I’d like to play around with some of my sunflower pictures, looking for shapes & colors.

ah, finally getting to open source in eduation, halfway through the session.

would rounded tabs be cool for the wiki? would certainly go with the theme Shelley wants to use. oooh, but hey! it’s really clean html, I could do all sorts of crazy css stuff with it…which is a little scary, having that kind of blank slate.

online writing center control panel. hm. now that I’m paying attention again. online tutoring software: they hired a programmer, it’s broken and/or they wanted to change it. list of features: that actually looks pretty cool. what language?

list of lots of projects: shit. I just missed the two course management systems I hadn’t heard of before. but someone else asked: opencourse, segue.

question: good gallery program? he mentions gallery; I might tell her about photostack, which I like.

what about when you graduate? bad answer. my answer? open source means having access to the source so you can give it to anybody with those skills OR if it’s being developed elsewhere, then even a nontechnical person can talk to people working on the project.

being stuck with any particular language. does happen.