I actually dressed up for Halloween this year…as something other than a vampire, even!

those who know me IRL will already know that I own a very special set of vampire fangs. when I was in college, I had a friend (?! the notorious “evil” Grey…if you know the Jill Sobule song Good Person Inside, you know Grey) who learned how to make fangs out of dental cement — Raul traded him two sets of teeth for a dremel tool, which he needed to do the shaping. I still have mine, which I wore perhaps a little bit more than was truly necessary when I was in college. now: instant Halloween costume! (I love them because they look really real…)

but today I just happened to wake up in the mood to go all gypsy. I even found a little crystal ball in a box of odds & ends and set it up on my desk at work. 🙂

the funny thing, at least to me, is I realized that this outfit, or something rather like it, would’ve been a normal outfit for me in high school…that’s including the rather-too-much jewelry and scarf.