and on top of that…

XSLT should be considered harmful. to my brain, anyway. stupid crap. all I want to do is break a character-delimited element into separate elements. I could do that in 15 seconds in PHP, and god help me, I probably will. I’m just tired of spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to do some ridiculous stand-on-your-head-and-touch-your-left-knee-with-your-spleen kinds of maneuvers that XSLT seems to require.

okay. now I feel better. time to go make some dinner.

2 Replies to “and on top of that…”

  1. XSLT is total crap for *adding* structure (e.g. via clearly-delimited text). It. Just. Is.

    The spec writers clearly assumed everyone starts from the most complex XML they could ever want. They didn’t worry about how to *get* there. 🙂

  2. I’m getting that…all of that. sigh. it’s why I took a week off of a project that I really need to finish, because I’d worked myself into a mental corner.

    somehow, your expression of hopelessness gives me some ideas of how to go back and deal with my little problem. 🙂

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