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Archives for October 2003


I actually dressed up for Halloween this year…as something other than a vampire, even! those who know me IRL will already know that I own a very special set of vampire fangs. when I was in college, I had a friend (?! the notorious “evil” Grey…if you know the Jill Sobule song Good Person Inside, […]

and on top of that…

XSLT should be considered harmful. to my brain, anyway. stupid crap. all I want to do is break a character-delimited element into separate elements. I could do that in 15 seconds in PHP, and god help me, I probably will. I’m just tired of spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to do […]

obliterate city?

I picked up a copy of SimCity 4 a couple of weeks ago, and have been having much fun…more fun than I’ve had with a video game in a long time. like losing hours of time kind of fun. and yesterday C. finally discovered the addictive power of SimCity. whoa. potential urban planner and avid […]

everyone is an accomplice

bq. *In wartime nearly everyone becomes an accomplice.* The huge dislocations, the millions who lose homes and property, are often compensated with the property of those that were forced out. Those who had their homes taken away from them in Srebrenica by the Bosnian Serbs were later given the homes of Serbs who fled the […]

weird (work-related) question

I’ve been working with our print publications person to get a better process for the class bulletin. based on my own bootstrapping over the last couple of years, we’ve finally got something that sorta works…. we get a word document which has the correct styles already applied, then I convert to html, then xhtml, then […]

must be a family thing

I have three email messages in my inbox with the subject of “stuff” — all three are from one or the other of my two sisters. hm.

whew. again.

still running around like crazy, both work & home. want desperately to read blogs that I’m behind on, write on my book, and play SimCity 4 (god help me). need booklight for #2 on that list, now that it’s dark when I’m on the van in the morning. don’t know about the other two. 🙁


finished typing up all of what I’ve written, with the exception of some stuff in the journal before last, which I can’t find: 8554 words since Sept. 3. forgot to do something today that I promised I would. grrr. and, whoa, now the bookfest actually requires tickets. “$10.”:https://www.nwbookfest.org/purchase.asp then again, “Kage Baker”:http://www.nwbookfest.org/author_detail.asp?AuthorID=129 is going to […]

brain hurts

and tomorrow will be a long day.