finished typing up all of what I’ve written, with the exception of some stuff in the journal before last, which I can’t find: 8554 words since Sept. 3.

forgot to do something today that I promised I would. grrr.

and, whoa, now the bookfest actually requires tickets. “$10.”:https://www.nwbookfest.org/purchase.asp then again, “Kage Baker”:http://www.nwbookfest.org/author_detail.asp?AuthorID=129 is going to be there, which would be cool. I dig her stuff.

oh, and I need to figure out what I’m doing the next few days. was going to stay over at Kat’s Sat. night, but we’ve got something else now; might want to stay over tomorrow night, but that’d mean taking whatever up to work tomorrow morning, when my brain is mostly just focused on the workshops I’m running tomorrow. (oh my goodness.)

whew. again.