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Archives for August 2003

mammals I saw on my vacation

– cows – donkeys – llamas – deer – fox (?) – porcupine – bison – prairie dogs oh, and today I discovered that I’m in the top 10 for “summer vacation 2003” on Google Japan. and I’m not even done with my album yet!

new skillz?

my sister (middle, not youngest) emailed me today asking if I could teach her the rudiments of web page creation, and what would be a good trade? now, I know that she’s not exactly well-off, and also that she has lots of sewing experience…but rather than have her make me something, I thought it was […]

some days…

it’s a good thing I don’t write/vent about work. (long meeting is all I’m gonna say.) but I came home and have had the house to myself this evening, so tried out the Pilates tape I borrowed from Jen. ow. but in a good way. doing some laundry, some surfing, puttering around rearranging my “office” […]


K is having ant problems in his new pad, and it prompted me to remember a gnarly experience from high school…. there was an ant hill was right under my balcony, and they used to come through my room on their way to the bathroom, just like my sisters did. 😉 couldn’t leave even a […]

with pictures, slowly

pages one through five of my vacation album, covering July 24 & 25, now have pictures. still no style yet, though.

this song was in our heads the whole way

“Driving on 9” by the Breeders. We both knew the tune, but the lyrics aren’t in the booklet in the CD. (oh, and I need this album for my birthday: All Virgos Are Mad.)

a work in progess

vacation album…at this point mostly just notes, many transcribed from my little paper travelogue, in which I also recorded when we got gas and which has pockets for receipts, a pen, and sunglasses!

a few pics to whet the appetite

while I futz about with long-term archiving solutions, here’s a couple of pictures: I think this is South Dakota. I spent many hours with the 2002 Rand McNally atlas on my lap. Lake Sinclair (?), South Dakota. Don’t know what the flower is, but it looked cool. Yes, that’s C in the background. Sunset in […]