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Archives for August 2003

I don’t even know where to begin with what’s wrong with that

my credit union recently unveiled a redesign of its website…regular readers will note that I participated in a usability study of said redesign. oh, lordy. I think I’m going to undertake one of those overhaul examples, because while design-wise it’s way better than their old site, it’s just a mess under the hood. makes me […]

eulogy to summer

this weekend, summer ended. admittedly, it was one of the warmer and drier summers that we’ve had here, but even with that, this weekend marked the descent into fall. the sunny days have a bit of a cool undertone, and this morning was drizzly. more to the point for me, last night I noticed that […]

coming back slowly

they restored their backup from August 11, which is a little closer to now. 😉 still can’t get to MT or phpmyadmin. (spoke too quickly…now both are working again.)

list of links

(have to do it this way every so often because of web host crap. gah.) * Structure and interpretation of computer programs * logjamming * homeland insecurity (I think I’ve read this article before….) * which pasta shape for which sauce * computer and desk stretches

what I want in a web host

– PHP4+ – mySQL (only one database is necessary) – at least one or two email addresses – whatever Movable Type needs to get itself going – some kind of a pretty control panel – around $10/month, preferably not having to pay a whole year in advance. will pay a bit more per month to […]

okay, I’m gonna be pissed

it looks like my snapping links blog is all gone from after July 11. Luckily, I have backups, even including a couple of days last weeks as web pages. what baffles and scares me is that now I can’t seem to log into my MT installation. oh, crap. my media weblog is all gone, too…the […]

houston, we are go

yesterday we started taking up carpet in the living room. pictures to follow. so far: ick, but not impossibly so.

there may be some craziness

it looks like my host has been hacked (by brazilians, apparently)…and I’ve had only erratic access to the rest of the site. luckily, my last experience with losing stuff made me more vigilant about backups, so even if the whole thing goes down in flames, I should be able to revive it. all better now. […]