eulogy to summer

this weekend, summer ended. admittedly, it was one of the warmer and drier summers that we’ve had here, but even with that, this weekend marked the descent into fall. the sunny days have a bit of a cool undertone, and this morning was drizzly. more to the point for me, last night I noticed that the lovely sunset was at something more like 8 p.m., instead of closer to 10, and this morning with the overcast it was actually dark in van on the way to the college.

of course, it’s still green, and yesterday was warm enough that I was glad that my home office is on the north side of the house. there’s still days of blue sky and green leaf before the rain and the dark come again.

not that I don’t like the rain, mind you; it’s just that summer here is so perfect that I hate to let it go, to relinquish the days of laying in the sun (yes, with a hat and 45 SPF sunscreen) and running around in shorts, tanktop and sandals.

I should probably go shopping for new winter “work” shoes; I won’t be able to wear dress sandals much longer.

…then again, my office has been so cold this summer, it’s a wonder I don’t have frostbite.

in searching for an entry about something else, I found my note from the beginning of the summer. sigh. now my strappy $10 sandals are starting to come apart.