okay, I’m gonna be pissed

it looks like my snapping links blog is all gone from after July 11. Luckily, I have backups, even including a couple of days last weeks as web pages. what baffles and scares me is that now I can’t seem to log into my MT installation.

oh, crap. my media weblog is all gone, too…the folder, even. grrr. I can’t get into any of my databases. something is seriously wrong.

I think I just need to break down & look for a new freaking host. this is too much. I’ve had too many outage for no apparent reason the last few months, and I’m just teed off.

suggestions are welcome. keep in mind that this is definitely a hobby, and I am cheap, and need to be saving for home improvements.

(also, thank you Ralph Brandi, for noticing.)