K is having ant problems in his new pad, and it prompted me to remember a gnarly experience from high school….

there was an ant hill was right under my balcony, and they used to come through my room on their way to the bathroom, just like my sisters did. 😉 couldn’t leave even a bit of food or an empty pop can in the room, or they’d just swarm all over it. I swear that at least once I woke up in the middle of the night with ants crawling on me. [shudder]

oddly, I don’t remember how (or even if) we got rid of the ants before I left for college, although I do remember getting the advice from a friend (the otherwise animal-friendly Eleanor?) that the best thing to do was set the hill on fire or drown it.

I still have a hidden anxiety about ants, or about anything crawling on my skin. (well, not hidden now…it may well be poetic justice for me to have a top google result for ants or something)

that was probably TMI. but I’m sure you’ll live, assuming you’re someone who doesn’t already know that story.