new skillz?

my sister (middle, not youngest) emailed me today asking if I could teach her the rudiments of web page creation, and what would be a good trade? now, I know that she’s not exactly well-off, and also that she has lots of sewing experience…but rather than have her make me something, I thought it was about time I learned how to sew.

mom tried to teach me to sew once in high school. it was something of a disaster. yes, I ended up with a skirt, one that I liked, even. but I just remember feeling like it was a deathmarch trying to get the damn thing finished. and nothing that I learned stuck in my head, especially since very shortly I had packed up and moved out of state, sans sewing machine.

12 or so years later, I’m not even sure I remember how a sewing machine works. hopefully that will change soon. my big goal is some curtains…nothing fancy, just prettier than the blinds that this house came with. and who knows…maybe I’ll end up making a good portion of my clothing.