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from the original main draft…

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105 scenes in four sections, something around 90,000 words. still four chunks of alternative text, two or three of which may be identical to either each other or the main draft, one of which is in Open Office format, which I don’t (yet; it’s a humongous download!) have installed on this computer. (must find pictures I took of new computer, btw.) probably some text in my ailablog and my paper notebooks as well. I’m guessing that in another week to two weeks I’ll actually have all the text in one place, reasonably organized. then I want to focus on three places, which in my mind are fairly well connected: all of Part 2, which is in general a mess; similarly the flow of Part III, and then the abruptness of the ending (it just sorta comes to a halt).

not that anybody except Kat, or maybe C, knows what the hell I’m talking about, but I wanted to make a note of it.

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