a little project

A little while back, Kat decided to try an old idea again…in our writers’ group days (a long story), we did something called a “round robin” — everybody starts a story, passes it to the next person, who writes some, passes to the next, etc., until it’s done (then, we had a time limit on it, and a minimum number of authors, IIRC).

But since she’s not in a group that is right for that anymore, she emailed me and our friend Joe (who lives in LA now), and proposed trying it long-distance. And since she started hers in her blog, it seemed like the blog was the ideal format this time around.

It’s only the three of us right now, so we’ll probably keep handing off until we get done:

* Book
* Fantasia in Green
* Mad World

(Kat and I helped Joe through starting his blog.)